September 20, 2014

Zodiac Dresser: Virgo

And finally, a new post in my Zodiac Dresser series in which I explore astrological signs through outfits. Today's get up is based around the sign Virgo. To be perfectly frank, Virgo has the least inspiring symbolism for me personally, and hence why these posts are a struggle for me. (It's me, it's not you, Virgo!) 
EC Star dress: thrifted * shoes: Frye
Because this sign is symbolized by a Virgin, I like to stick to the cherry theme because we all know what cherries mean.... Exacting, modest and sometimes harsh, Virgo is an earth sign I associate with rocky cliffs. Virgo is ruled by the fleet-footed god Mercury. 
70s belt: thrifted

Mercury's virgin,
earthy and modest but harsh,
Virgo challenges me.

Well, there you have it folks! That's all I've got!


Seeing if this works by posting some pictures of church hill. 

August 24, 2014

Houndstooth Revisted

Y'all have seen this 90s, oversized houndstooth print dress before. But it's been a couple years and I'm styling it differently today:
It actually says "Bombshell" but it also says Brazillian Waxing so.... 
vintage boots: thrifted in Florence, OR * 90s dress by All that Jazz: thrifted in Portland
I'm really into this dress right now and plan to transition it into fall. Perhaps I'll share my cooler weather styling with you as well or is that too much? I'm also really into fuchsia lipstick, too. Laterz!

August 19, 2014

Zodiac Dresser: Leo Bad Girl

Welcome to another installment of the Zodiac Dresser, my series dedicated to astrologically inspired outfits. Today we celebrate Leo, a sign symbolized by the lion and ruled by the sun. Scott P. Yates Photography generously offered to shoot me amongst turn-of-the-century lions. (All photographs by Scott P. Yates, obviously.) 
Melina Bee
shoes: Target * 90s Bongo skirt: thrifted at the PDX bins
Appropriately enough, gold is the color associated with Leo so I chose to include it as an accent color. A charismatic yet corrupting "bad girl" vibe represents Leo well since this sign is known as extremely charming but also bossy and selfish. A desire for excitement and attention coupled with arrogance and a lack of empathy can make Leo a dangerous influence. 
Melina Bee
90s Cache vest: thrifted * nameplate: NYCs chinatown *70s razor charm: antique shop in Buenos Aires
Yeah, there's lions on the snaps of this vintage 90s Cache vest; it's that badass. Late 80s/early 90s looks suit Leo perfectly due to this sign's penchant for excess and grandiosity. (If only I had any vintage Versace!)
Melina Bee
Try to avoid a Leo's gaze if you don't like to be hypnotized. 
A fire sign, I liken Leo to a bonfire: expansive, bold, bright, ardent, captivating and powerful.

Leo, burning bright,
sunny lion, bold fire sign:
danger and delight. 
Melina Bee
goofy faces and fabulous manes
Thanks again to Scott P. Yates Photography for these great shots. Are any of my readers Leos? Is your style larger than life? 


July 22, 2014

Zodiac Dresser: Cancer

Welcome to this month's installment of the Zodiac Dresser in which I find sartorial inspiration from western astrology. Today's outfit offers a very abstract and subtle perspective on the sign Cancer.
1970s JC Penny halter top: thrifted, and soon getting its own post * skirt: Louie 
With so much red, this top might seem more appropriate for an Aries despite the seafoam and silver accents, colors associated with Cancer (see detail). However, sensual, maternal Cancer's glyph makes obvious which part of the body this sign governs:
Yep! The boobs!!! This sign is the mamma of the zodiac! 
Hence my choice of this sweetheart neckline halter top which emphasizes even small busted ladies such as myself. Cancer is a water sign I liken to the beach. Ruled by the moon, Caner is pulled by the tides of sentiment, intuition, sensuality and creativity. Cancer is represented by a crab, a beach dwelling creature. 
see the seafoam and silvery white petals?

Snappy yet tender,
Caner: maternal beach crab
guided by moonlight

shoes: Robert Clergerie
Given the strong nautical ties I personally associate with this sign, I felt Olive Oil would serve as an appropriate muse...

Cancer is a sign with which I'm very familiar; my rising sign is in Cancer, meaning I project Cancerian vibes outwardly. 

I know at least one of you reading today was born under this sign! What about the rest of you?

June 20, 2014


Today's post celebrates Gemini as part of my Zodiac Dresser series. On a personal note, I'm often attracted and inspired by persons born under this exciting sign. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, hence why it has a flighty and sometimes flaky reputation. Represented by twins, Gemini is also often considered two-faced, although I would argue that dualistic is a more fitting description. 
gemini 1
unicorn dress: Rumors * vintage boots: Nobody's Baby, Eugene, OR
An energetic, highly changeable and spontaneous air sign, I liken Gemini to a whirlwind. Although unicorns are not traditionally associated with Gemini, this dress had the fun vibes I need to express my inner astrological party girl! 
gemini 2
sunglasses and vintage belt: Deluxe, Eugene, OR
I chose yellow as a focal point because as the color of novelty, it is associated with Gemini. In addition to the yellow leather, the silver squares of this belt represent mercury.

Gemini: whirlwind
of mercurial spirit,
fun, flight and fancy. 
A famous Gemini whose personal style befits her sign is Angelina Jolie during her Billy Bob phase. 


June 10, 2014

Style 101: Refining Your Style

Refining your sense of style essentially boils down to continually evolving and becoming more discerning. (All images by Victorian artist Charles Dana Gibson.)

*As your life evolves, so should your wardrobe. 
Life is full of change so dress accordingly! Many lifestyle changes such as getting a new job, having kids and moving to a new climate may require a change in your wardrobe. But also, you yourself are likely to change with time and your style should evolve with you.

*Never stop being curious
Curiosity begets inspiration and passion which help you evolve and stay fresh.

*As you experiment, learn what works and what doesn’t. 
If you’re open to exploring, you’re likely to make some mistakes but that’s ok as long as you learn from them. (ex. I can't pull off orange lipstick.) If you find a flattering “magic formula”, keep doing it.
*Become ever more discerning
When I first started thrifting in my teens, I’d buy bags of vintage clothes, most of which, in retrospect, were not that amazing. As I’ve learned more, I’ve become choosier.

*Become ever more knowledgeable
The more you know about vintage, fabrics, designers etc., the more you can put into your ensembles.

*But don’t stop experimenting! 
In some ways, we are more limited in our dress as adults than teens. As you become pickier, there will be less things you try. However, there is still a lot of latitude to experiment and continue growing.

In what ways have you refined your style as you've gotten older?


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