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that's me!
About Me
I'm Melina and I believe my mission in life is to preserve character in an increasingly conformist world. I currently live in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia after nearly a decade away living in places like New York City, Italy and Oregon. I have a lit degree from Barnard College and a master's in historic preservation from University of Oregon. I currently work full time as an architectural historian and part time as a cultural educator. My parents are Armenian via way of Lebanon and I've spent a fair amount of time in Beirut and the Middle East.

About this Blog
I started blogging about thrift scores very casually in 2009. That summer, I also starting using the blog to describe my travels in California and work at Yosemite. I never posted pictures of myself and blogged infrequently. 

A year later, in February of 2010, I decided to go for it and really plunge into the blogosphere. I was in my 2nd year of grad school and needed an outlet outside academia. I was really fortunate to work with wonderful photographs like Malin and Melissa. At that time, I called the blog Melina Bee, because I couldn't come up with title better than my name. 

When I moved to Richmond in 2011, I wanted to start a new age blog but found it difficult to manage 2 separate blogs. I combined my personal style and new age interests into one single blog, Amethyst Honey, in 2013. Now, 5 years after I first started blogging, I want to share even more personal writing and musings. Thanks for joining me on this creative journey; I always appreciate input. 

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